KINI - Car sunshield

Product code TO0101-02

  • KINI - Car sunshield

Car sunshield with both aluminium sides in a bubble design.
Two eyelets in both upper corners for suction cups.
Edging and elastic straps for folding available in different colours.

Minimum order: one box 100pcs.


Sunshield: Aluminium and 230 gsm plastic.
Edging: Non-woven.
Eyelets: Stainless steel.

Printing Info:
On the front:
- Screen printing G (max. 1 colour).


Size: 130cmx65cm


Thickness: 2,5 mm.
Suction cups weight: 3,6 g.


Packaging: Pack 1 Unit , Carton 100 Units
Carton dimensions: 67cmX133cmX28cm // weight: 25 kg

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