About us


JettStudio operates in Poland since 1996.

We specialise in importing advertising products.

We offer uniquely selected and tested products in terms of quality and functionality. All the products distributed by jettStudio are available in a wide range of colours and interesting design. Our constant search for new product solutions insure the highest level of customer service with shortest lead time. We are able to deliver unique, individual solutions created for particular client or a brand.


We are a distributor of ROLY and BrandCharger brands as well as own brands: JG and OUTDOOR gifts.

Most of the products we offer is protected by patent law.


Our entire product range is produced with the quality management system certified ISO 9001.


We invite you to view or buy single pieces from our selection of products available in our showroom situated in our Warsaw office.


Our offer is also directed to advertising agencies who are interested in improving their professional image.


We are working on being your trusted partner on a way to our mutual success.